Economic OppoRtunity And WorkerS’ Rights

Economic opportunities lift families to the middle class and empower communities. The son of a mechanic and a home health aide, Josue learned the importance of hard work at a young age. His mother was a proud 1199 SEIU member, and her job security helped the family save up to buy a home in Flatbush and achieve the American Dream. During his time working in the Comptroller’s office, Josue was a unionized member of OSA, the Organization of Staff Analysts. As a State Senator, Josue will:

  • Demand stronger local hiring requirements for projects in our community.

  • Fight for a livable wage across all industries.

  • Support growth for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.

  • Improve access to job training programs.

  • Protect the right to unionize and defend unions against Republican attacks.

  • Oppose “Right to Work” laws.

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