Josue attended PS 181, Middle School 61, and Clara Barton High School before earning a degree in accountancy from Baruch College. He understands the importance of access to quality public education, and he’s seen first-hand the damage that underfunded and under-resourced classrooms can cause.

From lead pollution to overcrowding and segregation, New York City public schools face challenges that must be addressed. Every student deserves a safe and supportive place to learn. As a State Senator, Josue will:

  • Deliver funding our schools are owed.

  • Remove lead from the nearly 1,860 classrooms which have yet to do so.

  • Demand all schools have professional mental health counselors.

  • Expand enrichment programs to more schools.

In addition to supporting our public schools, Josue is committed to improving access to educational opportunities outside the classroom and for all ages. He will:

  • Work to expand after-school programs and childcare resources.

  • Hold for-profit colleges accountable for their promises and commitments to students.

  • Create true tuition-free public university for New York residents.

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