After emigrating from Haiti, Josue and his family lived in a rent-stabilized apartment. This program let his parents save up to buy a home in Flatbush. However, rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments have been disappearing for years.

During his time working in the Comptroller’s office, Josue led the creation of thousands of affordable housing units using City Pension Funds to finance developments across all five boroughs.

Our city is facing a housing crisis—folks across Brooklyn are being priced out of their communities, and there is a shortage of truly affordable housing. Josue is committed to building on rent reform legislation last year to ensure that New York:

  • Protects renters with robust enforcement of new rent laws.

  • Holds greedy landlords accountable for price gouging our most vulnerable.

  • Educates community members on their rights as renters and homeowners.

  • Creates paths to homeownership through a Mitchell Lama-style program.

  • Improves NYCHA housing and holds the leadership accountable for mismanagement.

  • Invests in new, truly affordable housing.

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