Transportation and Street Safety

Growing up in Brooklyn, Josue knows the MTA is failing New Yorkers every day, especially in underserved “transit deserts” like the 21st Senate District. From crumbling infrastructure to unreliable service, the MTA is letting New Yorkers down and must be held accountable for its promises. As a State Senator, Josue will:

  • Demand transparency from the MTA about project costs and timelines.

  • Oppose cuts in bus and train service, especially in Flatbush.

  • Make sure that Brooklyn gets its fair share of new transit funds from congestion pricing.

Additionally, more must be done to keep drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe. Josue believes in transportation equity and will lead on:

  • Community-led processes to identify best locations for protected bike lanes.

  • Increase enforcement of traffic laws at dangerous intersections and traffic circles.

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